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Andros island & Activities

Andros island the noble Aegean island

Andros is known as the noble island of the Cyclades. It is the origin island of the majority of the Greek ship owner tycoon families.


You will certainly fall in love with Andros as it remains mostly unaltered and authentic through the years, offers a sense of the past blended with the aromas and colours of the surrounded nature and creates this magical scene where time runs at human soul pace.


Andros island is a completely different and unique island waiting to be explored. It offers unforgettable moments of pleasure with its more than 100 beaches splashed by the crystal clear sea waters, high and craggy mountains, deep green and fertile valleys, the water falls, rivers, fountains, plateaus, terraced farmlands, slopes filled with fig trees, olive trees, capers, wild flowers, all together make it the ideal place for relaxing and enjoyable vacations.
The whole island is a paradise for walkers as you can visit it by means of a large and well maintained network of footpaths most of them being the old main roads for the locals.

Andros Prive Suites is located in the middle of the very best and well known beaches of Saint Peter, Golden sand, Kipri bay, Saint Kiprianos bay, Liopessi bay and Plakoures.


Saint Peter and Golden sand blue flags organised beaches attract the majority of the young – but not only – swimmers who may enjoy the sea and sun accompanied with the latest music hits and a drink.  Saint Peter gulf is mentioned by Lloyds as a safe haven for boats.


The Kipri beach is a surfers and SUPs paradise. The surfers club located on the beach offers beach bar and surfing services to the funs and guests. 

At Saint Kiprianos bay, where the small chapel of the same name saint is located, a lot of traditional weddings are taking place under the romantic daily sun set which is really marvellous.  Following the wedding the party is taking place at the near by Golden sand beach until early hours next day morning.


Andros though has more to offer to the holiday visitor. Hora the capital town is elegant and well maintained with beautiful neo-classical houses and mansions of the upper classes and ship owners who lived there. The Goulandris modern museum, the nautical, the archaeological or the Kidonieos museums are at Hora with interested exhibitions running mainly during the summer period. Stenies the captains village, Korthi a charming fishing village suitable for wind surfing, Zaganiaris the downhill village with old traditional houses, Zagora and Strofilia the prehistoric sites, Kaparia the medieval village with the ruins of the stone Andros castle type buildings, Paleopolis the AC island capital with the archaeological museum exhibiting finds from the area with its water fall are among the places with interest to visit.


If you are font of the sea beaches famous beaches are Achla, grias pidima (meaning old mothers jump), Vitali, Zorgos, Apothikes, Plaka, mesa/exo Gialia, Lefka, Vori which can be reached mainly by a 4X4 vehicle.


During the evening you may relax at Batsi, Gavrio, Hora, Korthi enjoying your drink or ouzo and meze at one of the local restaurants or tavernas.


You may enjoy dinning out at Batsi, Gavrio, Kypri, Saint Peter, Katakilos enjoying a delicious dish of local cuisine or taste some of the most fresh local fishes. 


Gavrio, Batsi and Saint Peter offer after hour’s night life at cafes, lounge bars or clubs where you can enjoy the night life mood until early morning hours.


During summer various local traditional evening/ night events are taking place at villages near by our complex with souvlaki, wine, beer and local folk dancing where every one may dance either knowing or not the steps. It is really fun and you may have some good time during these events.


Activities in Andros

Andros offers a diverse set of outdoor/indoor activities which may cover a lot of our guest’s expectations. Easily we may list some of them:

• Museums of modern art, nautical, archaeological and local traditional interest.

• Prehistoric sites.

• Almost 100 sea beaches suitable for sun bathing and swimming. The majority of them are accessible by a 4X4 car.

• Sea swimming.

• Wind surfing


• Snorkelling

• Diving.

• Beach volley.

• Beach tennis.

• Sea ski.

• Boat trips.

• On shore or on boat fishing.

• Walking.

• Jogging.

• Bicycling.

• Old path spread around the island suitable for strolling.

• Horse riding.

• Bird watching.

• Caves.

• Local traditional dance and dining events.

• Unique local architecture.

• Farm villages.

• Lighthouses.

• Old oil mills.

• Old flour water mills.

• Monasteries.

• Byzantine and Cycladic churches.

• 4X4 trekking.